TimeMapô is a set of software tools developed by Ian Johnson and Artem Osmakov. The TimeMapô project is centered at the University of Sydney, Australia. ECAI TimeMapô is a customized version of the TimeMapô tools for the ECAI community.

The TimeMapô methodology

  • A means of displaying the results of scholarly research in space and time
  • A means of making text, images, hyperlinks, tabular data, and multimedia applications from anywhere on the Internet available in one interface
  • A tool to query the data catalogued in the ECAI clearinghouse and search the Internet to find and access ECAI projects
  • A way to superimpose diverse ECAI projects on one another in a single time-aware map
  • A means of downloading selected data from Internet datasets to a consistent GIS format on a local drive for further analysis with other software packages
  • Control of access to datasets through password and encryption
  • Methods of display and animation of maps through time

TimeMapô Documentation

TimeMapô is a registered trademark of the University of Sydney.