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Cultural Atlases

ECAI's vision encourages the development of a global digital cultural atlas which incorporates a federated collection of hundreds of networked digital projects created by libraries, museums and archives, and by scholars in history, the humanities and the social sciences. Toward this end ECAI has developed two ways of viewing distributed cultural materials.

The Cultural Atlas Portal links examples of cultural atlases developed globally into a Web Site with at Google Earth Browser.

The ECAI Clearinghouse is a collection of spatio-temporal datasets and TimeMap mapspaces contributed by ECAI affiliates. They are linked together through a metadata clearinghouse and visualized on a The TimeMap java viewer.

In addition to these portals, you can browse:

Integrating GIS technology and other spatial data with a distributed architecture and humanities content, ECAI is on the front lines of research in various fields of information technology in addition to developing content for the atlas. To achieve these goals, ECAI is involved in Research Initiatives on numerous topics.